Beer Review: Empyrean Brewing Imperial Mango IPA

Tall Glass Of Film

empyrean_imperialmangoNebraska breweries are pretty under the radar as is, but few are as below the radar as Empyrean- in my opinion. Hell, I tend to overlook their beers when I’m browsing my local bottle shop. Most of the time I only really put a glass of Empyrean in my hand when I go out to eat at a local restaurant, Lazlo’s, of which Empyrean is the house brew for. It’s sad that I don’t drink their beer often enough as nothing they make is bad by any stretch of the imagination, just pretty standard for the styles they make. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just that most of the time I want the beer I drink to leave an impression on me and boy what an impression their latest Carpe Brewem beer left on me.

Empyrean’s Carpe Brewem series are generally small batch beers that are packaged and released…

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