Beer – #450 – Garage Project – Venusian Pale Ale

A life just as ordinary

I like the play on words and amuse value that some brewers put into their products. Garage Project Venusian Pale Ale fits that. After a slight dip into the more mainstream commercial beers hopefully this is a bounce back.

Garage Project Venusian Pale AleThis is brewed by the prolific Wellington (NZ) based  Garage Project, in the style that comes under the label of Spice/Herb/Vegetable or might be as an outsider  Imperial/Double IPA.

HAs brilliant art work on the label that my poor attempt at pictures for not do justice, well they might if I got a proper camera out- anyhow check out this link  Dr.Grordbort – it’s on the label art….

I have then to entertain me, besides the label, a 650 ml bottle of beer that is 7.3% ABV, so 219 calories a serve, and 3.74 standard drinks in NZ,

Garage Project - Venusian Pale AleVenusian Pale Ale, a precocious little number using…

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