The Euston Tap

Pub Impressions

Address: 190 Euston Road, NW1 2EF

Nearest Station: Euston

Welcome: Adequate; Service: Good (Not SIT); Beer: Good

Cost of two pints: £7.00 (Magic Rock Rapture and Hopspur Redemption)

Rating: 7/10

The Euston TapI knew quite quickly that this would be one of the shortest reviews I had to write.  There really isn’t much I can say about The Euston Tap.  Given its proximity to Euston station, it took us a surprisingly long time to find, but we eventually spotted the neon sign in the middle of the road just opposite the terminus.  It’s a tall stone building, marked on the outside with the names of stations.  (Its mirror, opposite, is The Cider Tap under the same management.)  A large crowd had gathered in front of the door, parted by metal barriers to allow pedestrians to pass.  Inside, the bar seemed tiny, with a gentle but constant scrum waiting for service. …

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