Tasting Notes: Clown Shoes: Genghis Pecan

Alcohol And Aphorisms

Genghis Pecan

Clown Shoes: Genghis Pecan (USA: Porter: 7% ABV)

Visual: Black. Thin brown dust of a head. On later pours a much larger brown froth.

Nose: Roasted nuts. Soft sweet nuts. Charring. Caramelized sugar.

Body: Peanut. Bitter chocolate. Brown sugar. Soft nuttiness mixes with a slightly acrid nuttiness. Slightly chalky. Slight milky coffee.

Finish: Charring. Bitter chocolate. Walnut. Bitter coffee. Chalky.

Conclusion: I have commented in the past about porters and stouts that have been such that “coffee” or “chocolate” seems an inadequate description of the flavours, due to the amount of layers covered by that one word. I never thought I would apply the same to nuts.

Maybe it could be because I am not overly knowledgeable about nuts. Especially pecan nuts. They are nuts right? Anyway, there seems to be a range of nuttiness here, from causal peanuts, slightly sugary sweet nut, to roasted harsh and acrid, to that…

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