Review: Ezra

Brew Brahs

Brewer: Great Lakes Brewery & Amsterdam Brewing Co.
Brewed in: Etobicoke/Toronto, ON
Percentage: 6.2%
Found: King Edward LCBO

I don’t mean to only review GLB beers lately (but if I did, would that be so bad?), yet I thought this post was appropriate for National Dog Day; which is today, August 26th.


Ezra pours a slightly hazy gold with a white head that fades to a whisper. The nose is crisp and refreshing with assertive notes of apple shining through. The beer bubbles across the palate with a finish so dry it borders on tart. I’d go as far to say this brew feels rather sophisticated, especially as the characteristics of the cider barrel aging really shine through. This is a near-perfect summer brew.

While the beer brings a smile to my face, the story behind the brew’s namesake did not. Ezra was named after a “good dog” that died the…

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