Craft Beer Review – MOA Imperial Stout

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MOA Imperial Stout

MOA Brewing Company – Imperial Stout: Continuing with more New Zealand craft beer which has gained some serious distribution into BC thankfully, I opened this 10.2% abv Imperial Stout which is aged in Oak Pinot Noir barrels, is hopped significantly (over 100 IBUs) and comes in a 375 mL bottle that is corked. As you can see by the bottle, the dark green and label makes it hard to take a decent picture of with cellphone grade camera, I did my best I swear! It is important with this kind of beer to let it warm up, I pulled this from the fridge about 30 minutes before opening it.

Aroma and Appearance: The colour is a dark reddish brown that appears almost black in the glass, it pours with a thin tan head and some rising bubbles near the surface of the foam. The aroma is of red wine with plum…

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