BC Craft Beer Review – Parallel 49 Hopnotist Single Hop Mosiac Imperial IPA

West Coast Beer Geek

parallel 49 Hopnotist

Parallel 49 Hopnotist: Is a local Vancouver brewed Single Hop Imperial IPA featuring 86 IBUs of the famous Mosiac Hop strain and is brewed at a strength of 8.5% abv. I honestly thought I had missed this one, couldn’t find it anywhere until recently I had a craft calling while walking by the Paddlewheeler Pub Liquor store in New West, a place I wasn’t planning on visiting while walking through the Quay but for some reason I did. I wish lottery tickets worked this way, but alas I’ll stick with the craft calling for now (thank-you Ninkasi)! I pulled this from the fridge and gave it a good 10 or so minutes to get to the right temperature before opening.

Aroma and Appearance: I poured aggressively down the middle of the glass, it was deceiving until the foam rush and I had to quickly slow my pour to get just…

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