Anderson Valley Bourbon Barrel Stout

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A bomber bottle of Bourbon Barrel Stout Definitely worth trying at least once. 

The look

Head: Tall and an off white with brownish hues, head is persistent.

Color: Very very dark brown. Not quite black.

Scent: A light, slightly sour smell with overtones of vanilla. 

Mouth Feel: Velvet and smoke with a glassy finish. 

Strong Taste: No sweetness here! The vanilla fades into the familiar biting, smokey smooth taste of bourbon, which is the strongest element, somewhat overwhelming.

After Taste: Remember the last time you had bourbon or scotch? Take the after taste of that and make it much more mellow. 

Prolonged Drinking: Your tongue gets numb to the smoke and the beer tastes measurably sweeter after a while, particularly in the aftertaste. This is where you start to really feel the complexity of the beer.

Hoppy: Not at all. The smoke overpowered any natural hoppiness. 

ABV: 6.9% Alcohol content. This beer is the opposite of barley…

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