Amsterdam Boneshaker


Sometimes you acquire things of unknown provenance, which in the case of an IPA can be a bad, bad thing. I’ve had this before and I remember it being a whole lot better…

Name: Amsterdam Boneshaker
Style: IPA
From: Toronto, On
ABV: 7.1%

Appearance: Mostly clear deep-reddish-orange, with an off white, long lasting head.
Aroma: Citrus and pine. Not much there.
Taste: Starts out grapefruit and pine, with some of the maltiness coming through before the bitterness takes over.

Overall: Kind of eh… I have no idea how old it is, so that probably accounts for some of the lack of balance.

Price: $3/473ml Can

What They Say:
Our very first batch of Boneshaker was brewed for a local IPA challenge. Our brewers poured copious amounts of hops into the brew, balanced it out with over 5 different malts, decided to leave it unfiltered it and allowed  to…

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