The Duke of Wellington

Pub Impressions

Address: 94A Crawford Street, W1H 2HQ

Nearest Station: Marylebone

Welcome: Poor; Service: Good (SIT); Beer: Good; Toilets: Good

Cost of two pints and a double vodka lemonade: £15.80 (Doombar)

Guest: Jim; Word: Restaurant; Person: David Brent, The Office

Rating: 6.5/10

The Duke of Wellington“This is a restaurant, not a pub,” Dad said.  “Pubs are places you can sit down and have a chat.  This has candles and menus and forks.  It’s not a pub!”  Sadly, Dad was completely right.  The Duke of Wellington contained a small bar, completely surrounded with people dining.  The service was friendly, and the beer good – we chose Doombar but could also have selected London Pride or Otter.  The decoration is unusual but not unappealing: the artwork includes altered pictures of the current Queen, the Hackney stabbings, a sign reading ‘This is not for sale’, and Queen Victoria with a Mohican.  Nevertheless, it is…

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