Bridge Rd Brewers The Harvest Fresh Hop Ale

Crofty's Beer Blog

2014 edition of the fresh harvest ale and packed with a brand new hop courtesy of Hop Products Australia.

From the bottle: The Harvest has been hopped to the hilt using freshly picked hop cones straight from the nearby Rostrevor hop garden. The variety of hops are unique to the gardens research block and have never before been used commercially in a beer.

The beer pours a light golden almost straw colour. Fairly clear, some residual hop matter/yeast floaties remain in the beer. Large white head and extremely fresh aroma given the age of the beer (bottled in April).

The aroma has a heavy citrus smell, but not your normal grapefruit, this is more like lemon, or lemon zest for that matter. The hop aroma is very green and extremely fresh, but I already said that… Ok one more time, it’s really, really fresh (can’t get past that one).


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