Beer Review: Sierra Nevada/Three Floyd’s Chico King Pale Ale

The Hopmasons


The beer in the entire Beer Camp pack I was looking forward to the most was quite possibly this one, the collaboration between Three Floyds and Sierra. And what did these two amazing breweries decide to brew? A pale ale of course. Thank god, finally someone decided to brew the style they are most known for. Three Floyds has arguably the best APA in the world right now in Zombie Dust and Sierra has the most classic and iconic APA in their Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. This is a match made in heaven and of all the beers in the pack this one sounded like it was gonna be the best. Chico King comes in at 6.5% ABV and 45 IBUs.

Appearance: Deep gold, light amber color darker than I was expecting it to be. 2 finger white head and pretty hazy beer.

Nose: Smells like Sierra Pale Ale, gotta…

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