Beer Review: Sierra Nevada/Asheville Brewer’s Alliance Tater Ridge Scottish Ale

The Hopmasons


Moving forward with my reviews of the Beer Camp Across America 12 pack I have the collaboration between the Asheville Brewers Alliance and Sierra, Tater Ridge, a Scottish Ale brewed with sweet potatoes. Speaking honestly this was one of the beers in the pack I was least excited about for a few reasons. First I don’t know much about the Asheville Brewers Alliance in comparison to a lot of the other collaborators. Second, while I do enjoy Scottish Ales they were not the type of beer I really wanted to see in this pack. Finally third I really don’t like gimmicky beers (ie. most of Dogfish Head’s beers with random stuff thrown in them) so seeing this had sweet potatoes randomly tossed into it made me a little weary. Well let’s get into it shall we. Tater Ridge comes in at &% ABV and 35 IBUs.

Appearance: Very dark red/purple…

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