Beer – #442 – Liberty – Yakima Monster

A life just as ordinary

On a theme of big beers, or at the very least the APA style,  the Liberty Yakima Monster. A beer I’ve been acused of avoiding. Which isn’t true of course, but only because I thought I’d drunk it. We all know what thought did?

Brewed by Liberty Brewing Co in the style of the American Pale Ale and they are in Auckland, New Zealand

Served as a 500ml bottle that is 6% ABV, either 45 or 50 IBU things  (Iike an IPA) and 180 calories a serve of 355 ml so this would be 220 ish for the bottle. 2.3 standard drink units too.

Get those images of Godzilla and Mothra out of your head! I know you were thing it, but this beer has nothing to do with Japan whatsoever. Liberty Yakima MonsterYakima is actually a region in the state of Washington USA where some of Joseph Wood’s favorite…

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