Craft Beer Pairings – Chocolate Stout & Chocolate Desserts

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Craft Beer Pairing - Chocolate Stout & Chocolate Cake

Another easy and kind of obvious pairing here, yet at the same time it is really intriguing how these work together. I had this beer by a brewery I was not impressed with (if you see this 4 pack in BC, in my opinion avoid it as most of the beer I had was expired). Anyway, I wanted to pair this up with some left over desserts so here we go.

Craft Beer – Minhas Brewery Chocolate Bunny Stout, sold as part of a 4 pack that contained a Pale Ale, an IPA and an Imperial IPA which were all expired or close to. I actually poured both the IPA’s down the drain after trying them, the Pale Ale was drinkable and this one was the best of the bunch at a 6/10 rating. Some chocolate notes of course, a bit of roasted malt and a dry sweet finish. Pretty one…

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