The Victoria

Pub Impressions

Address: 10A Strathearn Place, W2 2NH

Nearest Station: Paddington

Welcome: Good; Service: Good (Not SIT); Beer: Good; Toilets: Basic

Cost of two pints and a double JD and coke: £15.58 (London Pride)

Guest: Jim; Word: Affable; Person: Bob Kelso, Scrubs

Rating: 8/10

The VictoriaJim was back.  The pub was called The Victoria, it was built in the Victorian age, and there were portraits of Queen Victoria on nearly every inch of wall inside, so Jim considered only one candidate for his person.  He picked, of course, Dr Bob Kelso from Scrubs.  To be fair, it was the older American tourists who formed our first impressions of The Victoria.  Having moved past the crowds standing by the flowers, Fuller’s logos and portraits of Queen Victoria outside, we found the inside similarly bustling.  (In winter, it must be almost impossible to move.)  There is a small multitude…

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