Stone Saison

What am I drinking?

saisonStyle: Saison/ Farmhouse ale; Character: “A modern take on a Belgian classic.” Color: Deep yellow; ABV: 6% Purchased: 24/7, Avenida Fernández Juncos; Price: $3.49, bottle

One of the things I always look forward to when drinking Stone Brewery is their self-important, lyrically arrogant, beer-centric rants on each label. They wax poetic about the evils of corporate beers while unapologetically patting themselves on the back and entering into painful detail about the flavors, ingredients, and awesomeness of their beer. It’s funny, informative, and part of the character of these consistently high quality brewers.

Ruination IPA: “Just one taste and you’ll know why we call this indelicate jewel “A liquid poem to the glory of the hop!””

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