Review: Karma Citra

Brew Brahs

Brewer: Great Lakes Brewery 
Brewed in: Etobicoke, ON
Percentage: 6.6%
Found: Glebe LCBO

As I drink this beer, it’s IPA Day – how appropriate.

This sensual IPA pours murky gold with a ring of white head. The nose is a ode to hops with tropical and citrus goodness powering through. The delivery is deceptively smooth before the bitterness of the Citra hop spanks the backside of your palate. The bitterness fades with a slow sizzle as this brew clocks in at a reasonable 65 IBUs. The best part about this beer is that all its power is owed to a single hop, the mighty Citra. The Citra Hop is described as imparting “interesting citrus and tropical fruit characters to beer”. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. This beer is exciting yet approachable. Karma Citra is my new favourite drinking position.


I’m not alone in throwing accolades at this beer: it is…

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