Thor’s Hammer

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Thors Hammer (11.5%)

Appearence; Dark, cloudy dark brown.

Head: Lightly gold colored, very persistant.

Aroma: A very citrusy bouquette combining various fruit, nut and spice elements. The bottle promises plum, but I felt it was closer to a mix of banana pineapple and coconut in scent. The aroma really is quite lovely.

Initial Taste: Odd. Fairly sweet and light for a barely wine. The fruit elements aren’t nearly as strong as in the aroma due to the high alcohol content, but they are still there, competing with the floral hops (and the walnut esters which I probably would have missed if it wasn’t written on the bottle).

Mouthfeel: A bit heavier then what you’d expect for the color, but not more then usual. Once you get past that first taste, the alcohol becomes much more apparent.

Strong Taste: This is a beer tha really makes you understand what they call this…

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