Recipe: Choc Stout Cupcakes with Maple Whisky Frosting and Bacon

Gusface Grillah

Stout Cupcake

Last week marked the bottling of Eagle Bay‘s Cacao Stout for the first time (previously keg only) and it aroused in me a desire to cook some sort of dessert.

Stouts pair extremely well with chocolate at the best of times but the Eagle Bay stout is perfect for desserts as it is brewed using husks leftover from the production of Bahen & Co chocolate.

At the same time, friend of the Grillah – Asha Tracey, arguably Perth’s strongest woman, announced that she was running an event for RSPCA Cupcake day.  So it was decided – some sort of cupcake made with stout to help raise money for Dogface Grillah’s favourite charity.

I consulted the series of tubes for a recipe and found a cracker from author of website The Beeroness.  Given my love of a good pun I viewed it as a sign that this was…

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