Guinness Extra Stout Beer Cheese Soup

Beer Drinker's Society

Beer cheese soup at my house gets the same greeting as three-day weekends or Christmas morning. My husband firmly believes he could live on this concoction, bread, and beer alone. Also, in our hometown, we have a tea room that makes hands-down the BEST beer cheese soup you’ve ever tasted. Thus, in my effort to create a bit of magic from scratch, I had rather large shoes to fill.

The beginning of my soup dream was a complete accident. I was trying to make a not-from-a-can cheesy cream sauce for a broccoli rice dish. My cheesy sauce turned out fabulously (in fact I ran out the door with a spoonful for Ben to taste as he was leaving to go back to work), and the spark of imagination was…well…sparked.

I thought to myself, “This tastes just like a base for a great beer cheese soup!!” And I went back to the…

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