Black Death Porter (Russel Brewing Company)

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Color: It’s a porter, so its black, of course. Cream colored head, not very persistent.

Aroma: You can barely make out that its not water. No particular unusual aroma, good or bad. Weird. I don’t recall smelling a beer that had such a distinct lack of scent.

Mouth Feel: Creamy for a porter, the texture of the brew is probably the most pleasant part of the experience. They definitely got this right, and the creaminess stays with the beer as you drink it. Very nice.

First Taste: Bitter, but the malts give the porter a distinct caramel finish. No real hoppy notes. This tastes a bit like every other porter I’ve ever tried.

Strong Taste: Much the same as the first taste. The taste is very muted compared to the stouts I’m sued to.  The bitterness stands out a bit more once you get a few swallows, but the caramel taste…

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