Beer of the Night….

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Last Begyle of my mix-pack.  Fortunately, not last Begyle as I have a six pack of Crash Landed.

The name is Maybe Next Summer but the next is so small it reads like Maybe Summer.  Given that it has been a very cool summer and will be a high of 70 tomorrow, I thought Maybe Summer was appropriate.  And let me be very clear, if EVERY SUMMER was like this I would die happy.  I can’t think of anything better than mid-70s in August in Chicago.

Tomorrow I have a 7 hour brick (6 hour bike/1 hour run) and the thought of doing it in 70 degree heat vs the normal 98 degrees and high humidity is making me giddy.

Anyway, back to the beer.  As usual, tasty Begyle is tasty.  I’m drinking this while sitting in my kitchen listening to a live concert next door.  My next door neighbor…

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