What I’m Drinking: Stone Brewing Company’s RuinTen

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Stone Brewing Company - RuinTen Stone Brewing Company – RuinTen

When I first became enthralled in the craft beer movement, I started with all the big guns.  It was back in college, so after class I would drive over to Marketplace Wine and Spirits in East Brunswick, NJ to pick up a six pack of Dogfish Head or Troegs or Lagunitas or, of course, Stone.  At the time, I had just finally overcome my fear of hops and would often find myself celebrating many occasions with Stone’s Ruination, a blitzkrieg of pungent hop aromas, culminating in a bitter, +100 IBU eruption.  I was smitten.  So, in 2012 when Stone first released their Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA, I was all in.  What I found back then was this immaculate creation of vivid and fragrant hop aromas concealed behind an impenetrable vessel of sweet malt and tropical fruit.  It was the ideal celebration and one…

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