Sierra Nevada Brewing Company – Harvest Single Hop IPA

Humulus Lupulus Maximus

Rating: 4.25/5

Hops: Equinox

This release is beer number three in Sierra Nevada’s ‘Single, Fresh, Wet & Wild’ series of beer.  The feature hop here is Equinox.  The color is a light amber with a pale straw head.  Aromas of lemon, lime, cedar, and clean cut grass waft out of the glass.  Definitely very unique so far.  Imagine smelling the intense aromas of a cedar plank soaked in lemon and lime juice and that is what you have here.  The flavor profile is fresh, medium bitterness, and clean hop flavor throughout.  The piney aftertaste is evident after a few sips.  The flavor buildup over time becomes an earthy, cedar wood backbone.  This one was very unique and tasty.  A tolerable 6.5% ABV and 55 IBU keep this one mellow.  I had this straight from a growler from the Torpedo Room in Berkeley, so let me substitute a bottle shot with a fully…

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