Craft Beer Review – Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale

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Deschutes Twighlight Summer Ale

Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale:  Brewed in Bend, OR at strength of 5% this summer golden ale is one of the few summer ales I actually look forward to. Sadly seeing the words “summer ale” on beer often means that it will be watered down tasting with very little malt flavour. This trend is changing slowly however I have had many a summer IPA’s this year that kind of still fit that bill, even when made by respectable brewers. Anyway, needless to say this isn’t one of those!

Aroma and Appearance: This pours a cloudy copper orange with some bubbles in the middles and one finger of foam. The aroma is a touch of spice with some doughy malt and a bit of nectarine like tartness.

Flavour: Some nice grainy flavourful malt, with some floral spice from the Tettnang hops, some honey in the middle and a crisp finish that has…

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