Very much to the point: Stevens Point – IPA


20140808_183347It’s the day after IPA day as I write this review of an IPA, which just goes to show how “now” I am.

M’colleague Mr. Bishop dropped this bottle of beer off with me, telling me that his wife picked it up from B&M (Bargains and More) for the princely sum of 79p.  Yes, let’s run that past again: SEVENTY-NINE PENCE.  For a bottle of beer.  What ever is the world coming to?  I can’t even begin to do the maths on the profit margin or tax or anything.


Stevens Point IPA pours out a lovely dark-copper colour and has a head that hangs about a bit.  It certainly looks right for a US IPA.

The aroma is, however, a little bit subdued for a US IPA – which does make me question it’s freshness, but it’s well in date and the aroma that is there is…

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