Unapologetic IPA

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Quick StatsUnapologetic IPA

IBUs: 90 (via RateBeer.com)

Container: Bomber 

AbV: 8.8%

Drink it – Dump it Scale: Drink It! – 9.8

I love when breweries collaborate. Kind of like Jazz, each ensemble comes up with something completely unique. The Unapologetic IPA collaboration between Beachwood, Stone and Heretic breweries is just that, a great blend of style and hops. There’s a video on Stone’s website which you can checkout here. The brewers blended a variety of new and even yet to be named hops to come up with something interesting, drinkable and most of all delicious. I was really excited to see that they used Belma hops, because I know they’re new, and I have a yet to be kegged session ale which is my first attempt at using them.

The color on this beer is a nice gold with a cream white head and good carbonation. The nose on it I…

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