This authentic German-style unfiltered wheat beer has a fruity, spicy aroma of banana and clove and zesty, malty sweetness which lingers for a refreshing sensation.

German Hefeweizen  4.5% Alc/VOL


Pleasant fruity aromas combined with vanilla, feint candy floss & bubblegum….but… I got none of the promised clove?

It pours a cloudy honey gold colour with a thick, white head that quickly disappears to nothingness.

Mouth-feel is on the light side of medium as the fizzy liquid hits your tongue, but then changes to a nice syrupy thickness that makes the experience quite enjoyable.

Quite a nice fizzy bite from the medium/high carbonation.


The first impression as you take a sip is the carbonation. It buzzes the tip of your tongue, and as it subsides it brings a salty tartness. That flows to light bubblegum and banana flavours, and fades with some spiciness towards the finish, which is somewhat dry.

There is a nice honey aftertaste that lingers pleasantly after all the other flavours had disappeared.


Will I have another? I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. This Clarens Weiss is right up my alley as I prefer lighter hopped beers. So this gets the thumbs up from me!


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