Westbrook Brewing – One Claw Review

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Westbrook One ClawAll You Need to Know

Brewery: Westbrook Brewing
Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 5.5%
Cost: ???? (12oz)
Glassware: Becker (Pint)
Temp: 45°F
Availability: Year-Round
Purchased@: ???? (Gifted)

Quick Take: The drinkability of One Claw is strong, making for a great session beer that is full of flavor and rides the line between overindulgence and a watery bore. This beer is a success because of the toasty rye and biscuity finish that makes you want to go back for more, but an appreciation of mild dank is a must. This may not be bold enough for some, but an easy recommendation for me as a go-to session beer.

Brew Facts: Westbrook has a good relationship with Evil Twin. So good, in fact, Westbrook contract brews the various Femme Fatale versions, Lil B (great porter), the Cowboy, Hop Flood, and the fantastic Even More Jesus for the East Coast.

Appearance: Thick, lumpy cream…

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