The Local Brewery in Mammoth Lakes, CA


The second in a two-part Summer Vacation series. The first was posted yesterday.

This summer, our family vacation destination was Mammoth Lakes, famous for Mammoth Mountain, a popular spot in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains during the winter season.  It’s not a highly populous town; as of 2010, there were just over 8,200 year-round residents. But, it’s not hard see where the seams might be busting during those four or five weeks a year when thousands upon thousands drive in to take advantage of the skiing conditions. In the warmer months, however, the atmosphere is slow and relaxed, as every good mountain town should be. 

Mammoth Mountain during the summer months, from the peak. Photo by FtB.

I titled this post, “The Local Brewery in Mammoth Lakes, CA…” because I think calling a place “the local” implies a sense of pride and commitment to your community. I believe Mammoth Brewing…

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