Shizuoka Beer Tasting: Baird Beer-Teikoku IPA


“Teikoku” in Japanese means “Empire”
Interesting enough Baird Beer also produces and a Suruga Bay Imperial IPA!


Another label for collectors!


Product name: Baird Beer Teikoku IPA
Ingredients: malt, barley, hps, sugars, yeast
Double fermentation
Natural carbonation
Alcohol/ABV: 6.5%
Contents: 330 ml


Longish head
Bubbles: fine. White
Clarity: smoky (normal as it is unfiltered). Very clean
Color: Dark orange/persimmon
Aroma: assertive. Bread, hints of oranges and roasted oats.
Refreshing, dry, light and fruity approach.
Bread, hints of caramel and roasted oats, dry coffee beans.
Lingers on pleasantly with welcome acidity.
Changes little with food but for a deeper dryness backed with lighter acidity.
Dry roasted oats and coffee beans making a stong comeback once away from food.

Overall: Deep, dry and complex craft beer!
Lots of character.
Multiple facets keeping coming up!
A challenge for connoisseurs!


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