Sarajevo Brewery


Some may take the view that this article rather belies Duck Holiday’s self-confessed liking for a glass (or several) of decent beer. It would be wrong to say that this factor had no influence, but the Sarajevo Brewery – Sarajevska Pivara in Bosnian – is, to paraphrase Barcelona FC’s motto, more than a brewery.

The brewery was built in 1881 by a Viennese industrialist, one Heinrich Levi, at the of the Austro-Hungarian empire. With admirable logic, Levi had the brewery built on the site of a water supply and it is this simple fact that made it such an important place in more recent times.

Located just south of the Miljacka River near the Franciscan monastery, the brewery is above an underground lake and has its own well, making it of the few sources of clean water for a large proportion of the population of Sarajevo during the Serbian siege…

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