Beer – #435 – Timothy Taylor – Landlord *Redux*

A life just as ordinary

I’m going again, even though this was only about 30 beers ago, so once more into the breech with  –  Timothy Taylor Landlord  – English beer.

I really didn’t like it first time up, and was contacted by the importer and he offered me a new bottle of new stock. Humbled that anyone reads me I accepted.

Timothy Taylor LandlordBrewed by Timothy Taylor in the gold old style that is a Bitter or it might be  of course a real old English Pale Ale and they are in Keighley, England

A 500ml bottle of a beer of 4.1% ABV, all of  123 calories, this makes 1.66 standard drinks in NZ. IBU could be be expected in the 30-40 range

First brewed in 1952 as a bottled beer called Competition Ale. Changed name to Landlord in 1953.

Lets go.

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