A taste of Belgium in the Pacific Northwest

Food is Travel

Brussels is one of my favorite European cities.  I can spend hours strolling through its neighborhoods, admiring the beautiful architecture and of course, indulging in treats like Liège waffles and frites!  After returning from my latest visit, I set out to see if I could satisfy my Belgian food cravings a little closer to home.  Although Seattle doesn’t have a single frikot – those Belgian food stalls devoted to the frite – there are a few spots around town that allow you to indulge in a little taste of Brussels without hopping on a plane.

Brouwer’s is a fun café in the heart of Fremont with an extensive list of Belgian beers on tap and in the bottle.  They also serve up a few traditional Belgian dishes like Mussels, frites and stoofvlees, a hearty Flemish beef stew.  The potatoes at Brouwer’s are twice-fried, crispy on the outside and fluffy inside – and a little more delicate than the traditional…

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