2014 Hop Harvest at Stillpoint Farms (Grain-to-glass collection #2)

A Ph.D. in Beer - A Study of Beer and Fermentation Science

When I started this blog almost a year ago, I had a few goals in mind. First, I needed a place to keep all my homebrew content. I am not the best at note taking so I thought if I started a blog it would make me more honest, and I would have a resource to refer back. The second goal was to push myself out of my comfort zone by publicly challenging myself to try new things…and that leads me into my third goal. I wanted to experience every aspect of beer brewing / making as possible, not just from a homebrew point-of-view but from every angle I could think of.

The form the third goal took was to write to local breweries and see their operation first hand. I started off this journey by contacting my friends at DC Brau Brewing Company and asking if I could tag along…

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