Craftwork Brewery, Oamaru

Oamaru Life

In 1905, Oamaru went dry, leading to the closure of all the town’s breweries, of which there were quite a few at the time. It was 108 years before a brewery would reopen in the town, when in late 2013 Scott’s Brewery relocated from Auckland to the Oamaru Harbour. Happily for us, it did not take 108 more years for Oamaru’s second brewery to open, since native-grown Craftwork Brewery has established itself in the town in the past few months. Founded by Michael O’Brien, known to many as the town’s bookbinder, and his partner Lee-Ann, Craftwork has, in a very short time, found itself in shops and bars around the country. Their beers are Belgian-style craft ales, produced using organic and local ingredients, with clever names like “Flemish Floozie” and “It’s Spelt Grisette” and labels designed by local artists. As a testament to the high quality of their beers, they walked…

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