What I’m Drinking: Victory Brewing Company’s Summer Love

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Victory Brewing Company - Summer Love Victory Brewing Company – Summer Love

The label on this beer says it all: baseball, ice cream, camping, BBQs, fireworks, boating, enjoying the beach, and flying a kite, all things embodying the epitome of what Americans associate with summer.  After all, this is what Visit Philadelphia commissioned local brewing legends Victory Brewing Company to embody in a special brew exclusively for the City of Brotherly Love.  In a nutshell, this is exactly what Victory has accomplished in their Summer Love ale, with a recipe that wanders dangerously close to lager territory.

All-American label All-American label

Poured into an ever-adaptable teku glass, Summer Love shows a slightly hazy, yellowish-golden body with a thick white head full of soapy bubbles.  There were a ton of bubbles actively prancing around in the glass, releasing an unexpected yet familiar aroma that harkened images of evening baseball games with a hotdog in one hand and a cold, refreshing beer in…

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