Shizuoka Beer Tasting: Yonekyu-Biru no Mori Brewery (Gotenba Koogen Beer): Fuji Sansan!


Gotenba Koogen Brewery in Gotenba City, Shizuoka Prefecture, does bear a misleading name because Yonekyu Co,the owner of Mori no Biru (Forest Beer) Brewery, is also the owner of the Gotenba Koogen Resort beer Hall & Restaurant!


Since the brewery is located at the foot of Mount Fuji, no wonder they call it “Fuji Sansan/富士燦燦/Mount Fuji Brilliance”! There is a kind of pun involved as in Japanese you can Mount Fuji, “Fuji San”!


Most beer produced at the brewery is commercial beer for its resort, but this particular one is one of their few craft beers!


Product name: Fuji Sansan
Unpasteurized (生/nama)
Ingredients: Grain malt, Grain, Hop
Alcohol/ABV: 5.5 %
Contents: 330 ml


Short head
Bubbles: fine, white
Color: golden
Aroma: assertive. Bread, hints of oranges
Dry attack, refreshing pilsner type.
Bread, hops, hints of roasted oats.
Lingers for a while with a late appearance of oranges.
Gets noticeably drier…

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