Double Mountain Molten Lava

Beer & Me

Quick Stats
IBUs: 90
Container: 500 mL legit bottle
AbV: 9%

Drink it – Dump it Scale: Drink It! – 9.5

Yeah… it’s been a while since I posted last. Since the last time, I’ve started brewing, became a dad and a bunch of other things. One thing that hasn’t changed is my love of enjoying beer. Yesterday was IPA Day, so while out at the local market I decided picking up some excellent bottles was in order. One of the bottles that caught my eye was this wonderful beer, the Molten Lava IIPA from Double Mountain. I think we are all guilty sometimes of label shopping, which this beer’s packaging and aesthetic definitely play to. The artwork is solid, simple and eye-catching. The bottle is legit too, with very thick glass, and a message that insists that it should be refilled.

This beer had a nice head, which never…

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