Beer Review: Modern Times Black House

Tall Glass Of Film

moderntimesbeer_blackhouseI’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I am irrationally picky. There are foods I absolutely refuse to eat, but you use them as an ingredient in beer, I almost can’t help but try it. Non-alcoholic drinks have a similar effect on me- this time around its coffee. I’ve had some good coffee beer in the past (Surly’s Coffee Bender, Boulevard’s Coffee Ale etc) but brew me a cup of coffee in the morning and I might take two sips and be done. I am as clueless as you might be reading this as to why I have such bizarre tastes and all I can say is that it’s just how I’m wired I guess.

Regardless of my indifference to non-alcoholic coffee, for some reason when breweries use it in their beer I simply can’t resist trying it- and I almost always finish the entire pint. I’m sure there’s someone…

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