What I’m Drinking: The Alchemist’s Heady Topper

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The Alchemist - Heady Topper The Alchemist – Heady Topper

It’s always a challenge to provide an unbiased review for a beer that has virtually been reviewed for you, even before you’ve ever had the chance to try it.  This is the common gripe that many have with The Alchemist’sHeady Topper, the top ranked beer in the world, according to Beer Advocate.  Only available within a small radius of the Waterbury, Vermont brewery, Heady Topper is among the most elusive beers in the craft industry, sought after by all though only accessible to few.  Sold in its trademark silver 16 ounce cans with black print, The Alchemist’s owner, John Kimmich, requests consumers to forgo the glass and enjoy Heady Topper straight from the can.

Stocked and loaded Stocked and loaded

My first encounter with Heady Topper was on a snowboarding trip at Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow, Vermont, sometime back in 2012.  My buddy Kyle and…

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