Shizuoka Beer Tasting: Hamamatsu Tenjingura Brewery-Weizen


Not many people know yet that the sake, shochu, liqueur and beer brew master in Hamamatsu Tenjingura Brewery in Hamamatsu City is actually is a mistress brewer!


On the other hand the owner is a gentleman, although well helped by his spouse!
Marketing is making use of local celebrities combining Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu and Mount Fuji!


Product name: Hamamatsu-Tenjingura Brewery Weizen
grain, grain malt, hop, yeast
Alcohol: 5%
Contents: 330 ml


Shortish head
Bubbles: Fine, white
Color: deep orange/persimmon
Aroma: Citruses
Taste: Dry and fruity attack.
Very refreshing.
Citruses, hints of bread, apricots and persimmons.
Drinks very easily.
Little affected by food.

Overall: Probably conceived as a thirst quencher, but reveals a superior character with a lot of depth and complexity for such a type of craft beer!


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