(West) Coastin’, Rebelliously


I tried a new beer today…

Rebel IPA, Samuel Adams

The bottle label reads:

Rebel IPA is brewed with 5 varieties of west coast hops: cascade, simcoe, centennial, chinook & amarillo.  It’s everything we love about west coast style IPAs.  Big citrus & grapefruit flavors with subtle pine notes for a flavorful, refreshing brew.

All I can say is…roastin’, toastin’ straight west coastin’! This one’s for the rebels, and rebel I am!

Aroma:  Grass and trees and sweetness.

Taste:  Crisp, clean perfection.  Full of many flavors – you can really taste the variety of hops.  This is a beer that makes you realize how varied your own taste buds are, as you notice the different layers of this brew when it meets different spots on your tongue; sweeter toward the tip and more alcoholic as it nears your throat.  The sweetness (which almost tastes like its coming…

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