Reilly’s Taphouse / Pub (Itaewon, Seoul)

Modern Seoul

Reilly's Taphouse Itaewon Seoul Ale

Reilly’s Taphouse in Itaewon is one of a few taphouses or specialty beer pubs to open up in Seoul over the past few years. One of the key reasons is that Korean’s demand for higher quality beer is increasing and at the same point draft beer. As you might expect this is a slightly higher class pub than some others in Itaewon with prices to match. It’s a popular pre-night out or after dinner hang out.

Thoughts; Firstly the selection and range (20+) of different beers on tap is very impressive and exciting to see. Secondly the British countryside style pub design and side menu is a nice touch and adds to an already relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. Finally the option of a selection beer platter is a good way of sampling a range of different beer (although we didn’t as we already knew what we wanted). The only…

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