Beer Up – Craft Beer Entrepreneurs Open Shop In The San Gabriel Valley

A Punk, A Camera, and An Empty Stomach

In today’s society, the spread of information, such as the advent of social media, has helped to educate citizens about the benefits of higher quality products. Tastes and preferences constantly change, and we now see that more and more people start to prefer quality over quantity. If we look around the world, the terms we associate with quantity tend to refer to corporations that have a global reach, such as some soft drink companies or fast food chains. If we want quality, we tend to search locally, as local businesses focus more on the quality of their products and services. For example, in the past few years, a large shift in the preference of beer has gone underway, where most beer-drinkers now prefer local craft beers as opposed to mass-produced light beer common around the world. Microbreweries tend to crop up in geographical clusters centralized along a particular city or…

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