Beer Review: Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union IPL

The Hopmasons


When visiting some friends in Worcester, MA I was able to pick up a six pack of Jack’s Hoponius Union bottled a mere 10 days before I purchased it. I have been trying to review and drink as much Jack as I can lately because I have been enjoying all of their offerings so much. Hoponius Union is their India Pale Lager or as they like to call it their Wicked Hoppy Lager. Hoponius Union comes in at 6.7% ABV and 65 IBUs.

Appearance: Slightly hazy deep golden color with a nice 2 finger head and amazing lacing. None of Jack’s beers are filtered and since they are all lagers they usually have great head retention and awesome lacing, this one is no different.

Nose: Really big nose that you can smell as soon as you crack the bottle. Right up front you get bountiful amounts of tropical fruit and…

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