Trek to the Slow-Cooker: Bacon-Beer-BBQ Baked Beans


What more do I need to say?  We all love Bar-B-Que, Bacon is an American staple, and Beer really needs no elaboration.  All of these words evoke the idea of summertime picnics and good times with friends and family.

Baked Beans have always been a traditional side dish to  grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.   After many trials, this version has become a go-to for picnics, get-togethers and BBQs.   My father will be happy to see  I’m finally releasing the recipe after using him as a guinea pig taster.

I know the idea of preparing a simple side for 24 hours seems like a long time.  But using dry  beans, and giving them an overnight bath in good beer makes all the difference.  There are many items in this recipe which allow for creativity: type of BBQ sauce, color of mustard, spiciness level.  But please, soak the beans in beer.  Beer makes the…

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