Summer Drink-Off – Ales

Omnomnom London

The Ales – Group 1


Ale – second only to tea as the archetypal British drink. Well, maybe falling to third to Pimms in the summer months, but still, a British institution. There’s such a vast range of styles, brewers and recipes that there’s an ale for almost everyone. Cask ale is one of those things a certain sort of person holds dear to their heart. A well kept cask ale deserves to be held close to your heart, but it involves having a good pub/landlord nearby.

Unfortunately that’s not an option for everyone.

Bottled ale should be a solution to that, but it’s not. A truly brilliant beer from the pub can be utter muck out of a bottle. Many times I have been disappointed by just how little remains of the original brilliance in the translation from cask to bottle.

So, with those upbeat thoughts in mind, let’s…

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