Recipe #19: Galaxy Saison with Brasserie de Blaugies Yeast (Batch #2014.14)

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So in my last post, I wrote about a saison I made with my normal house saison yeast, the Saison Dupont strain (Galaxy Saison with Dupont Yeast). I have been talking with people about their saison yeast preferences and people do not like the Dupont strain for a variety of reasons. People complain about it stalling out (never happened to but I can see how that would be annoying), people have told me that it doesn’t fall out of solution very quickly (I do experience this problem at times) and I’ve heard that is dulls hops in beer…this could be a problem since I seem to make a lot of hoppy saisons. So, what strains play better with hops? According to George, the head brewer at DOG brewery in Westminster, MD, the Blaugies yeast works well with hops…allowing more of the hop character to come through.

The Blaugies…

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